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27th Meeting of the French Glial Cell Club - October 8-11th, 2024


The Glial Cells French Club is organizing its annual meeting from October 8th to October 11th, 2024, in the city of Sète, located in the south of France.

This international meeting will bring together expert scientists in the field of glial cell biology from Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, the UK and the US. The program offers comprehensive coverage of the burgeoning field of glia research, featuring 2 plenary lectures, 6 symposia, 2 poster sessions, a technichal workshop and the general assembly (see program).

Check out our Program and Click here to Register

Registration and abstract submission for posters will close on June 20th, 2024. Late registrations will incur additional fees

    • Venue: The meeting will be held at the Domaine du Lazaret in Sète, in an informal setting by the beach.
    • Registration fees: Registration fees include access to the conference, on-site housing, and all meals.

This event co-organized by the French Club of Glial cells and NEURATRIS is sponsored by ScopPro, 10x Genomics, Scipio Bioscience, Eppendorf, Vizgen, Montpellier University, SFRMS, France Sclérose en Plaques  and The Company of Biologists.

Poster sessions

Posters will be visible throughout the meeting. The poster format is A0 in portrait mode, i.e. 84 cm wide and 119 cm high.

Interactive poster sessions will take place on Wednesday and Thursday during 1h30 minutes, in dedicated rooms.

Abstract  can be submitted at the time of registration or latter by email at glialcellclub@gmail.com, but please note that deadlines of June 20th 2024 applies to either means [format 1 page max, 11pts Time New Roman, with short title, authors and affiliation, no figure, acknowledgment or reference]

Six abstracts will be selected for an oral presentation in a related symposium (see program and themes). If you wish your abstract to be considered for an oral slot, please tick the box: “Selection for oral presentation”.

Two best posters (500 euros each) and one best oral presentation (800 euros) will be awarded at the end of the meeting.

Payment information

To ease the billing process, please ask your administration first for the exact labeling that should appear on your bill, and then register accordingly! Then, when reaching the « Informations de facturation » section, please tick « Facture au nom d’une société » and indicate the appropriate bill labelling.

Payments can be done:

(1) online using CB, Visa or Master Cards, however, please note that 3D secure cards are required. The invoice can be printed from the confirmation email by clicking on « obtenir une facture », and following the instructions.

(2) by purchase order (for french accademic labs and for group registration only). To obtain the quote required for the purchase order, click on « obtenir une facture » and follow the instructions.

Please note that several individual registrations can be grouped on the same payment. In case of problems, please contact us: @glialcellclub.gestion@gmail.com.

Travel information

For environmental and logistical reasons, we recommend the train as the prefered transportation option to reach Sète or Montpellier. Final destination is Sète. Some high-speed trains (TGV) from Paris have a stop in Sète station. If this is not the case for your train, here is how to commute to Sète from Montpellier train stations and airport.

Please note that there is two train stations in Montpellier Saint Roch (in the city center) and Sud de France (at the periphery).

    • From Montpellier St Roche Station: Take the local train (TER) to Sète railway station (Gare de Sète) your final destination                                                                (estimated travel time 15 min, train frequency 2-3 trains/hour).
    • From Sud de France Station:
        1. Take the railway shuttle and stop at Place de France Stop (8 min travel).
        2. Take tram# 1 (blue on with white birds) and stop at Gare Saint Roch (estimated travel time 20 min, Tram frequency every 15 min).
        3. At the station take the TER to Gare de Sète your final destination (estimated travel time 15 min, train frequency 2-3 trains/hour).
    • From Montpellier Airport:
        1. Take the shuttle airport to Place de l’Europe stop (estimated travel time 25 min, bus frequency 1 bus/hour).
        2. Take tram # 1 or #’4 and stop at Gare Saint Roch (estimated travel time 8 min, tram frequency every 10 min).
        3. At the station take the TER to Gare de Sète your final destination (estimated travel time 15 min, train frequency 2-3 trains/hour).

Useful websites

    • Website to purchase train tickets: SNCF
    • Website for Montpellier Transportation: TAM

Adhesion to the Club is included in the registration fees. By registering to our annual meeting you will thus become an official member of the French Club of Glial Cells for the 2022-2023 period!

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